Sunday 10/10/2021

Sunday 10/10/2021 START TIME 9PM FAXELANGE (GR) FXLNG (pronouns he/him) is an Athens-based DJ/ Producer. He’s taking over the camping area this Sunday the 10th of October. Check his track “Untitled” that was released recently at Athens UHD, a compilation from Trial & Error label.

Saturday 09/10/2021

Saturday 09/10/2021 START TIME 10PM RAUMTESTER (RU) + ANATOLIAN WEAPONS (GR) Raumtester (pronouns he/him) is a DJ & Producer from Moscow & Saint Petersburg. His mixes include meaty variety of different genres from vocal house and groovy techno to dirty industrial and long-forgotten gems. He’s a resident of the infamous gay techno party called Popoff […]

Friday 08/10/2021

Friday 08/10/2021 START TIME 9PM NONIKA (GR) + CARINA (GR) Friday night means fun. Nonika (pronouns he/him), is a composer/ producer and a classical trained pianist based in Αthens who discovered synths in a young age. You might know from the local ballroom scene, where he’s DJing music that makes you wanna cry and twerk […]

Thursday 07/10/2021

Thursday 07/10/2021 START TIME 9PM DJ NOT I (GR) + i-VYE (CH) DJ NOT I (pronouns he/him) is an Athens-based DJ/ Artist known for his fast, crunchy and playful mixes. Alongside him, i-VYE (pronouns she/her), a DJ / Researcher based in Switzerland, whose music reframing the position of listening and clubbing by deconstructing.

Wednesday 06/10/2021

Wednesday 06/10/2021 START TIME 8PM LOLSNAKE (DE) Danielle aka Lolsnake (pronouns they/them) is a Berlin-based DJ/Visual Artist who runs the event series Weeeirdos which holds a residency at OHM Berlin and curates and promotes other parties, concerts and exhibitions around the city of Berlin.

SUNDAY 03/10/2021

SUNDAY 03/10/2021 BORA BORA Bora Bora lives between Brussels and Athens. Promoter at From Athens to Brussels with Love), she is one of those familiar faces that has always been an active member of Brussels’s nightlife. From mesmerising warm

SATURDAY 02/10/2021

SATURDAY 02/10/2021 ROMAN & SARADIS Our beloved Roman and Saradis are taking over the decks on Saturday. Expect their infamous sexy sound that includes Detroit Techno, Chicago House, Italo Disco, Sheffield Industrial tunes among others.

FRIDAY 01/10/2021

FRIDAY 01/10/2021 AYSHEL Ayshel is a DJ and co-founder of Waiting Room, based in Athens. Her selections are located somewhere between tribal beats, hypnotic melodies and industrial sounds. Her sets are mostly based on electro, through a constant exploration of dark and ethereal atmospheres, while also trying to bridge her metal music origins with techno […]

THURSDAY 30/09/2021

THURSDAY 30/09/2021 KAREEM KALOKOH + COMPLEX SHADOW (ATH KIDS – GR) Both members of ATH KIDS Collective, Kareem, the cofounder, and Complex will merge their talents once again on Thursday the 30th, by performing live. ATH KIDS are the best Athens has to offer when it comes to well-rounded artists. DENNIS GREEN (GR) Dennis is […]

WEDNESDAY 29/09/2021

WEDNESDAY 29/09/2021 FLOKOSH (GR) Dividing his time between Berlin and Athens, where he was born, Flökosh comes from a diverse musical background thanks to his family. At the age of 11 he fell in love with electronic music when his older brother began listening to Podcasts on jungle/DnB and, later, on dubstep and grime. He […]