Sunday 26/09/2021

Sunday 26/09/2021 start 22:00 AGGELIKA (GR) Aggelika is an architect and DJ based in Athens. Considering music as a field offering space and greater freedom, one not so bound by narrower objectives. Only here can the musical potential of aesthetic methods be fully realized. Simplicity of rhythm and clarity of melody have about them the […]

Saturday 25/09/2021

Saturday 25/09/2021 start 22:00 NOFF WEEZY + ANDREAS PALMER (GR) DJ Noff Weezy is a freak for sound and its aesthetics. Stimulating yet delicate, her DJ sets give off a feeling of tantalising sensation and anyone who’ve danced to her tunes knows what it means to be transcended into another sphere. Her partner in crime, […]

Friday 24/09/21

Friday 24/09/21 start 22:00 DJ FLORENTINO (UK) Βooty – bouncing thump of reggaeton mixed with the bass and motion of UK sound system culture. DJ Florentine is one of the UK’s most innovative producers; fusing together sounds from his Colombian roots with that of the UK underground. Some of his various collaborations with songstresses, pop […]

Thursday 23/09/21

Thursday 23/09/21 start 20:00 YHA YHA (DE) New World Dysorder collective co-founder, Berlin based DJ and LSDXOXOs’ Floorgasm resident, Yha Yha will serves us sunny beats for days.