Saturday 06/11/2021

Saturday 6/11/2021 START TIME 10pm KAVITA + NAUSICAA Californian DJ Kavita (she/her) is specialising in classic house and jungle music. She’s known to bring a pure sexy , feminine  energy to every dance floor she plays. Alongside her, Nausicaä (she/her) one of the founding members of the REVOLT! project, will bring her passion for electronic […]

Friday 05/11/2021

Friday 5/11/2021 START TIME 9pm ROT10 + DUCKEM + TIME94 Crystal Orca buddies ROT10, Duckem and Time94 are taking over the Santaroza camping area! Expect wave and electronic bass tunes, non stop dance.

Thursday 04/11/2021

Thursday 4/11/2021 START TIME 9pm ACS ACS (He/Him) is a visual artist, producer and DJ. His practise is focusing on sound design methods and synthesis. He is currently a resident DJ on Fade Radio, producing the show ATOPIA, a multi style radio show of borderless explorations in electronic music spectra.

Saturday 30/10/2021

Saturday 30/10/2021 START TIME 10pm DOG2TH + Oko DJ OKO DJ (FR) is an active member of the BFDM label who has been praised for the eclecticism and the quality of her selections, breaking barriers between genres and time. From contemporary and futuristic sounds to 80s music, from cold body music to exotic atmospheres, OKO DJ’s sets […]

Friday 29/10/2021

Friday 29/10/2021 START TIME 9pm K.atou + Jacob Of Cappadocia At her most comfortable in the hazy glow of the morning, K.atou (she/her) is the kind of DJ that prefers a time in the party where the edges are worn out and a more meaningful relationship can be struck up with the crowd. The Greek […]

Sunday 17/10/2021

Sunday 17/10/2021 START TIME 9pm Bonebrokk Bonebrokk is the personal project of sound artist Marios Naris, currently based in Athens, Greece. Alongside running his own Trial & Error record label, he has released music on labels like Infinite Machine (MEX), All Centre (UK), SFX (DE), More Genres (GR) and Nutty Wombat (GR) while having been […]

Saturday 16/10/2021

Saturday 16/10/2021 START TIME 9pm DJ Problems + Poor J’Darr DJ Problems is an active DJ & producer from Athens, Greece who has been embedded in the Athenian scene since 2017. His productions has been released under respectable labels such as Vanila, Dionysian Mysteries and Hypress. His music is a seamless blend of electro, ghetto, […]

Friday 15/10/2021

Friday 15/10/2021 START TIME 9pm Breakin Moves + Liegota From soulboy to beat machine charmer, the journey to the Mecca of music seems endless for Breakin Moves (he/him). An Athenian DJ and digger initiated by underground record stores and dusty warehouses in the heart of the ancient city, Breakin Moves has in his musical arsenal […]

Thursday 14/10/2021

Thursday 14/10/2021 START TIME 9pm Jeph Vanger + DJ Scammer Jeph Vanger  is an award-winning sound designer, installation artist and electronic composer who works and lives between London and Athens. He has worked in the fields of contemporary dance, theatre, film and art installations and he has recently received the Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim) Digital […]

Wednesday 13/10/2021

Wednesday 13/10/2021 start time 9PM KHMER Khmer  is an engineer & DJ based in Athens. She selects sounds ranging wide from breaks & warped club to jazz & afrobeat, exploring connections beyond borders.